Bio-Nobile Fragment DNA purification solutions
Use QuickPick DNA Fragment kit for simple and quick purification of DNA fragments from gel or liquid solutions. The kit works well both with standard and low-melting agarose gels in TAE and TBE buffer. There is no limit for the weight of the gel piece in the manual protocol.

Ethanol traces in the elution buffer is a common problem in DNA fragment purification methods. A unique and proprietary DipWash™ method made possible by the QuicPick technology is used in the QuickPick purification procedure to eliminate this problem. During the DipWash process the magnetic particles are not released from the QuicPick tool, instead a few dips in the Wash Buffer is enough to rinse the ethanol away. The method is rapid and easy to use and guarantees the recovery of high quality DNA.

Specifications of the QuickPick™ DNA Fragment kit:
* Ratio of absorbance at 260/280 nm is corrected with absorbance at 320 nm
Download sample QuicPick™ DNA Fragment protocol.
DNA fragment size in agarose gel
Gel type
Buffer type
Weight of gel piece / one prep
Recovery (60 bp – 50 kbp)
Binding capacity / preparation
Typical purity*
Elution volume
Total protocol time
60 bp - 50 kbp
Any type of agarose gel
TAE or TBE buffer
100 ± 20 mg
> 80 %
10 µg
5 - 100 µl
< 15 min
Excision of DNA fragments from agarose gels
BN Products & Services offers an innovative method for excising DNA fragment from gel by using the PickO™ gel exciser. The method is a one-hand process with high efficiency, each piece from the same gel is  the same size. No extra weighing is required.