Bio-Nobile™ genomic DNA purification solutions
The QuiclPick gDNA kit is universal and suitable for purifying genomic DNA from a wide variety of starting materials such as human and animal blood, buffy coat, leukocytes, hair, saliva, cultured cells, tissue, swap, buccal cells, urine and bacteria. DNA purified using QuickPick™ gDNA reagents show a recovery of at least 30 kbp which is suitable for all typical downstream applications, including: PCR, sequencing, RE digestion and cloning.
Sample Amount Yield Amount Yield Amount Yield
Whole Blood 50 l Up to 1.5 g 100 l Up to 3 g 200 l Up to 6 g
Buffy Coat 50 l Up to 3 g 100 l Up to 6 g
Leukocytes 0.5 million Up to 4 g 1 million Up to 8 g
Cultured Cells 1 million Up to 2.5 g 2 million Up to 5 g 4 million Up to 10 g
Tissue (liver) 2.5 mg Up to 8 g 5 mg Up to 16 g 10 mg Up to 32 g
Hair 2-4 strands Up to 0.5 g 6-8 strands Up to 1 g
Typical purity  = 1.7
Size of purified DNA = 30 kbp

Yields will depend on species, growth conditions, etc.
Leukocytes were suspended in 50-200 l of PBS depending on sample amount
* Ratio of absorbance at 260/280 nm is corrected with absorbance at 320 nm
Increasing the sample amount will lead to increasing yield.

Typical performance of the QuickPick gDNA kit:
Download sample QuickPick gDNA purification protocol and more.