Bio-Nobile™ mRNA purification solutions
Using QuickPick™ SML mRNA kits, you can enjoy all of the benefits of the QuickPick method and purify high quality mRNA directly in a rapid 10-minute protocol. QuickPick SML mRNA purification kits provide a fast and simple means of purifying poly-A(+) mRNA from cells, total RNA and animal or plant tissues. The purified mRNA can be used for down-stream applications such as RT-PCR, real-time PCR, cDNA libraries and microarray analyses.

The QuickPick™ SML mRNA kit is ideal for purifying mRNA from extensive variety of starting
materials, such as cells, plant, animal tissue and total RNA. Therefore the need for different
kits for different sample material is eliminated. Ready-to-use protocols with QuickPick chemistry are available for both the QuicPick™ magnetic tools and the MagRo™ robotic workstations. Protocols may be customized for specific applications.

Full recovery is obtained by using solid phase elution and amplifying mRNA directly from magnetic particles suspended in suitable buffer.
Download sample QuicPick™ mRNA protocol and more.
Purification of mRNA from cultured cells, liver tissue, barley and Total RNA, analyzed by using RT-PCR. Samples in duplicates.

   M             1           2            3             4            5            6           7            8
M= marker / 1-2 = cultured cells, 15 cells / 3-4 = liver tissue, 3 mg / 5-6 = barley, 5 mg /
7-8 = Total RNA, 5 µg