Bio-Nobile Plant DNA purification solutions
Purify DNA from a comprehensive range of plant species with QuickPick Plant DNA reagents. High quality DNA can be extracted from different sample materials eg. leaf, seed or root.
DNA purified using QuickPick Plant DNA reagents typically show an approximate size of 20-30 kbp which is suitable for several downstream applications such as PCR, sequencing, RE digestion and cloning.

Increasing the sample amount will lead to increasing yield:
Sample Amount Sample Amount Yield, µg Purity, 260/280*
Hordeum Vulgare (barley) 50 mg 6.0 1.8
Lactuca sativa L. c.v. Grand Rapids 50 mg 3.0 1.8
Ocimum basilicum (basil) 50 mg 5.0 1.8
Arabidopsis Thaliana 50 mg 2.0 1.8
*Ratio of absorbance at 260/280 nm corrected with absorbance at 320 nm
Starting material amount 25 mg 50 mg 100 mg
Typical DNA yield** Up to 3 µg Up to 6 µg Up to 12 µg
Typical purity* 1.8 1.8 1.8
Size of purified DNA, kB 30 30 30
*DNA yield varies greatly between different kinds of sample material.
Typical performance of the QuickPick™ Plant DNA kit, using barley as sample material:
Download sample QuickPick™ Plant DNA purification protocol.