Bio-Nobile Plasmid DNA purification solutions
QuickPick Plasmid DNA kits provide fast and simple purification of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells. The purification protocol is based on a modified alkaline lysis procedure followed by magnetic purification of the plasmid. The plasmid DNA purified by the QuickPick Plasmid DNA kit is ready for downstream applications such as DNA sequencing, transformation, PCR and cloning.

  M       1       2       3       4       5       6       7      8
Specifications of the QuickPick™ Plasmid DNA kit
Download sample QuickPick™ Plasmid DNA protocol.
Vessel format
Starting material per preparation
Elution volume
Yield per preparation
1.5 ml microtubes, 96-well microplates
1.5 ml E. coli cells (OD600 = 3-4)
5 - 100 µl
Up to 11 µg
> 1.8
* Ratio of absorbance at 260/280 nm is corrected with absorbance at 320 nm
Plasmid DNA isolated with the QuickPick Plasmid DNA kit from E. coli XL1-Blue culture, and with analysis on 1% agarose gel. M = marker, 1 - 8 = Parallel samples of plasmid DNA isolated from 1.5 ml of E.coli culture